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Moment of discovery

My unexpected discovery of 2020 came via a simple Slack message: “Have you heard about Bubble?” The question was posed to me by another founder, Luke, during the Sydney (Australia) Founder Institute accelerator program.

At the time, I was evaluating a number of different technical options for our startup. At the top of the list was a custom, full-stack web solution on Amazon Web Services, using off-the-shelf components (mostly SAAS products — e.g. CRM, Email Marketing, Chat, Payments, etc) connected by API to minimise the use of dev resources.

“No” I replied to Luke as I quickly googled Bubble and…

Companies like Bubble have incredible growth potential because they create a platform of opportunity for many others. (Photo by Anthony Cantin on Unsplash) has reached a major milestone… it’s One-Millionth User. The growth of its user base is a big deal for Bubble Group Inc, for Bubble’s user base, and for start-up founders across the world.

Early Access Landing Page for our startup Realify.


I lead a team of Developers using Bubble to build beautiful web applications to a professional standard. It is a great joy when I open one of their projects and I can easily navigate my way around their file to the point it feels that I actually developed it. It’s the little things, right?

Here are some of the principles I ask my developers to follow to ensure that everyone can understand each other’s work.

I wrote this for my own developers to read. But I thought you may also find it helpful.

We transcribe manually from Figma into

We typically transcribe the work our…

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As startup founders and business owners realise that dramatically reduces the time and cost of developing web platforms, demand for Developers and Agencies is increasing at a rapid rate.

Therefore, finding a good developer or agency is difficult within a competitive environment.

Where to look?

So you want to do a project? Making initial contact with a developer or agency is not difficult.


Get in touch —

I’ve found a Dev or Agency. What criteria should I use to evaluate them?


An important factor. But make sure you are “comparing apples with apples”. …

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My Story

Over the last year, I’ve taught, coached, mentored and advised over 50 people about and whether it could help them build their app idea.

Over this time, many founders have pitched their product ideas to me. I’ve asked probing questions, trying to understand if this person would be a candidate to learn, or whether they are better trying to engage a Developer or Agency to assist them with their process.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been developing applications for my own startup, as well as for several other startups. …

Data and

I started my journey with after 5 years of working as a Solution Analyst/Architect for NSW Health in Sydney, Australia, implementing data warehouse tables, workflows, and analytics dashboards. I came across when looking for a way to transition into the Start-Up world. is sold as a way to significantly speed up Web Application development. My first reaction was to be sceptical about the claims made on the landing page, but early signs were that could deliver on its promises.

Naturally, I was very interested to understand what was possible in the database world, how…

Will Ericksson

I’m a software developer, start-up founder, and mentor.

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